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With an ever-evolving list of over 500 restaurants, our meticulously curated platform is continuously updated and refined. On our site, expect to see new additions from our vibrant community, upcoming event highlights, and discover hidden local treasures that might have eluded your attention. We’re dedicated to delivering tailored dining experiences that best fit your criteria. Premium membership unlocks full access to our quiz, exclusive offers, promotions from our partnered restaurants, and other exciting features.

IDK You Pick FAQ’s

How do I use the quiz?

As a Premium member, you will gain full access to all six questions on the quiz. In order to begin, please create an account and register. When you load the quiz for the first time, you must enable location services. The quiz will not function without this feature, since all restaurants are integrated with map data. Once your location services are enabled, begin answering the question about your dining preferences! When answering question 3, 'How far are you willing to travel?' users can base their dining decision on their current GPS location or drag the point on the map to a specific part of town they would like results to populate from. Adjusting the mileage radius will bring in results only found within that specific area. On question 6, please note that results will display based on the business hours and the date and times you have selected. Once your selections have been made, select 'Pick For Me' to begin!

I've received an offer from a restaurant. How do I redeem it?

Partners with 'Idk You Pick' offer our Premium members exclusive discounts and promotions when visiting their establishments through our platform! When one of your Picks has an offer available, the promotion will be displayed on the restaurant's detail page. You can find your current, active offers in the 'Profile' section of the site, under 'Coupons & History'.

To claim an offer, present your smart device to the server or cashier and allow them to redeem the coupon. Our system uses GPS location services to ensure that you are physically located at the restaurant when attempting to claim the offer. Once the GPS location is verified, have your server select 'Redeem' to activate and display the coupon.

Please be aware that restaurants retain full discretion over the redemption of these offers and may refuse them if they suspect misuse. Offers are generally valid for a 7-day period from the time they are generated, depending on the location, and most can only be claimed once. Users are not permitted to use multiple offers during a single visit or share the offers with others. Please respect the restaurant's generosity in providing these promotions as a courtesy to you.

How do I adjust my dietary preferences?

Idk You Pick allows you to refine your Picks based on dietary restrictions and preferences. To adjust this filter, please visit your 'Profile' page, then click on 'Dietary Restrictions'. On this page, simply select the restriction you would like to filter by. Upon exiting the page, the adjustments will be applied, and all future quiz results will display only Picks that meet your criteria. You can adjust and change these selections at any time.

We have thoroughly reviewed every menu from each restaurant on our platform to ensure accurate selections. Once your preference is selected, the establishments displayed will offer several different menu items that accommodate your dietary restrictions. Our aim is to recommend restaurants that provide more than just one or two options or a simple salad — we want to ensure you have a fulfilling meal experience. Some restaurants clearly mark these items on their menus, while others have options that implicitly meet these restrictions. Please consult with your server for more details.

PLEASE NOTE - Selecting a dietary restriction will significantly reduce the number of results in the quiz. Currently, there are over 500 restaurants on our platform: more than 300 offer vegetarian items, 250 have gluten-sensitive options, and around 100 feature vegan selections. When applying a dietary restriction, we recommend being flexible with your quiz answers, particularly regarding Food Type, Location, and Occasion.

Idk You Pick is not liable for any issues that may arise from using these restrictions. Please refer to our disclaimer on the 'Dietary Restrictions' page for more information.

Why does Idk You Pick exist?

In 2004, American psychologist Barry Schwartz published a book about the psychological phenomenon known as the Paradox of Choice. Idk You Pick was designed to help combat this problem. The essence of this paradox lies in the idea that when presented with an abundance of options, decision-making becomes overwhelming, hindering our ability to choose effectively. Many of us encounter this choice overload on a daily basis, especially when the decision is related to mealtime. In the city of Omaha alone, inhabitants are presented with over 500 restaurants to choose from, and the dreaded question of "Where should we eat tonight?" can quickly turn into an exhausting debate. Oftentimes consumers become trapped in a cycle of complacency, opting for familiar dining choices out of fear of encountering a potentially unpleasant experience. By allowing us to choose for them, our users embark on a fresh and fun culinary adventure. This spontaneity breathes new life into their dining experiences, transforming the mundane question of 'Where to eat?' into an exciting exploration of flavors and eateries.

What restaurants are included on your site?

Our site features hundreds of establishments throughout the city and surrounding areas. Everything from bakeries and coffee shops to upscale fine-dining establishments are included. We heavily focus on locally owned businesses, with over 90% of our listings meeting that criteria. We've even taken it a step futher, including select meal-prep style businesses and locally owned grocery stores and markets.

Please note, most large national chain restaurants do not meet the standards of quality and taste we have come to love in our vibrant local culinary scene, and are excluded from our platform.

How do you pick the restaurant for me?

Your result considers multiple factors each time you take the quiz. Our sophisticated algorithm analyzes your responses and selects the best option that aligns with your preferences. Each restaurant is manually uploaded, then categorized by food type, occasions, budget, and more to ensure a tailored match each time. Premium users can further personalize their choices by blacklisting restaurants, removing them from future results. Additionally, users can refine choices based on specific dietary restrictions, ensuring people with specific allergies and preferences always have a choice.

What do I gain by becoming a Premium member?

Premium members unlock full access to the quiz, enabling refined searches by budget, location, dine-in or take-out preferences, and preferred mealtime. Additionally, users gain the ability to favorite or blacklist restaurants based on past experiences, refine choices by dietary restrictions, and view the full restaurant listing in their results. Membership also offers exclusive access to promotions from our partnered restaurants, rewarding users with discounts or rewards when a partnered restaurant is suggested through the quiz.

How much does it cost for a Premium membership?

Currently, our platform offers two subscription options: $3.99 per month or $39.99 per year, giving you flexibility in payment. Monthly memberships may be canceled at any time offering a commitment-free experience. We hope users will find value in our platform, and appreciate the amount of time and energy spent bringing it to life. Idk You Pick actively strives to forge partnerships with local restaurants, offering users exclusive promotions and deals designed to enhance your experience and maximize savings. Designs are in progress for an exclusive VIP membership, as well as a Travel Pass for tourists and visitors, to bring our users even more exciting features and events.

What cities are currently included on the site?

At this time, our platform is centered in Omaha, Nebraska and it's immediate surrounding areas. Within the next couple months we plan to add coverage for all neighboring cities such as Yutan, Bennington, Fremont, Valley, Glenwood, Plattsmouth, Blair, Fort Calhoun, Missouri Valley, Ashland, and Council Bluffs and Carter Lake Iowa. By Summer we intend to Launch coverage for Lincoln Nebraska - and eventually expand to other markets such as Kansas City and Des Moines!

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Innovative Idea

Rated 5.0 out of 5
February 8, 2024

Excited to utilize this platform and partner with IDK. There are no hidden fees and the offers can be changed to meet seasonal offerings or special events.

Elizabeth Pooley

Awesome Idea!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
February 8, 2024

When I first heard about IDK You Pick, I was like “Wow! My husband and I definitely need to use this. We never know where we want to go!”

Then, I met the concept creator, Kevin, and was super impressed with his enthusiasm, attention to detail, and commitment to inclusive food experiences by including categories like vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc.

I look forward to using the website regularly and checking out all the great foodie spots in Omaha!

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