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A Simple Offer

Hundreds of businesses are already featured on our platform through a Basic Listing, requiring zero commitment from you. Choosing to partner with us offers added exposure and several other exciting benefits for your business. If you decide to partner with us, your only requirement is an agreement to offer our members an exclusive promotion of your choice upon their visit to your establishment.This offer can be accessible for a limited duration, and with a usage limit per member which you are in complete control of. These personalized promotions are designed to excite and incentivize our members to visit your establishment.


Quiz Result

Partnering with us grants your establishment greater prominence in the IDK You Pick ℠ Quiz. While Basic Listings will still appear as potential results, businesses joining as partners receive a higher probability of displaying to users in our quiz outcomes. With our platform already encompassing over 500 restaurants, this heightened visibility drastically expands the potential to attract new and enthusiastic customers to your business.


No Contracts
or Fees

Our platform is designed to support and help grow your business, without requiring risky financial commitments for additional advertising. Partnering with our platform provides the advantage of increased exposure with no contracts, commissions, or fees. Your sole expense for this increased visibility is fulfilling your chosen promotion when our users visit your establishment. Whether it’s a complimentary drink with an entree, a free dessert with a meal, or any other offer you envision, the choice is yours. This flexibility enables you to gain a sale and maximize your profit potential with no unnecessary spending.


No Risk,
All Reward

Partnering with us presents a risk-free opportunity that mandates no financial commitment until after you’ve secured a sale. There are no binding contracts, commissions, or fees involved. Instead, you gain unique exposure and promotional opportunities without incurring unnecessary expenses. Our model empowers you to design exclusive offers at your discretion, controlling the duration and usage limit per member. This approach allows you to entice our members with tailored promotions while safeguarding your bottom line.

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Innovative Idea

Rated 5.0 out of 5
February 8, 2024

Excited to utilize this platform and partner with IDK. There are no hidden fees and the offers can be changed to meet seasonal offerings or special events.

Elizabeth Pooley

Awesome Idea!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
February 8, 2024

When I first heard about IDK You Pick, I was like “Wow! My husband and I definitely need to use this. We never know where we want to go!”

Then, I met the concept creator, Kevin, and was super impressed with his enthusiasm, attention to detail, and commitment to inclusive food experiences by including categories like vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc.

I look forward to using the website regularly and checking out all the great foodie spots in Omaha!

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